* The documentary RUNNING AMERICA featuring my transcontinental run with ultralegend Marshall Ulrich in 2008 will be screening in SELECT CARMIKE THEATERS! *

October 3 - Greensboro, NC
October 5 - Durham, NC

24for24 Sobriety Run

For all of my 24 years of sobriety, I have tried to find some way to celebrate my sobriety birthday, July 23, by doing something physically challenging. In this way, I remind myself to be grateful for loving friends and family, for my healthy body, and for the gift of another day. On July 23, 2016, I celebrated my 24th year sober by running for 24 hours at Carolina Beach in North Carolina. The heat index was 115 degrees, but that didn't stop dozens of people from coming out to run with me. Thousands more supported the run online. It was quite a party. 

24 hours - 24 years sober - July 23-24 2016